A Contact Sport

Finding your Soul Mate / Life Partner in today’s fast paced world is a precious gift.

Unfortunately, reliance on role-modeling as the high bar of education leaves many couples working through 21st century challenges with outdated skills – and frustrated with each other when problems repeat. The Good News? Small changes in communications skills used daily delivers enormous benefits over a Lifetime. Don’t wait for crises to dictate your learning curve. Embrace the wisdom of compassionate third party coaching today by registering in Ya That Game’s Relationship: A Contact Sport.

“Relationship: A Contact Sport” Playbook

  • Is there a problem? Criticism vs. Complaints
  • Weakness as a Strength: Openness and Vulnerability
  • I love you, but you’re a jerk. Contempt vs. Respect
  • Me, myself and I: Using “I” statements
  • I get it and you’re still wrong. Understanding vs. Agreement
  • Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood: Negative Interpretations (Filters, confirmation bias, cognitive distortions)
  • I feel your pain: Invalidation vs. Empathic Listening
  • The Rock of Gibraltar: Avoidance and withdrawal, Stonewalling vs. self soothing
  • “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby” : The dance of intimacy!
  • In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. Trust and Emotional Bank Accounts
  • “You ALWAYS Say Never”…”No I Don’t Ever”!: Communication Caverns
  • Leveling The Playing Field: Safety in Structure, Foundation For Success

What You Will Enjoy

  • Connector.

    Monthly live 1 hour audio calls led by your coaches

  • Connector.

    Access to call recordings to listen to at your convenience

  • Connector.

    Private facebook group for community and engagement as you hone your skills

  • Connector.

    Weekly text check-ins from your coaches to assist you in staying on track

  • Connector.

    Decades of experience in helping you focus on the critical steps to master your game

  • Connector.

    Professional education and coaching at a greatly discounted cost

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