Got Kids?

Are hollers and frowns outnumbering smiles and compliments lately?

Whether you are a parent, primary caregiver, sports coach, or academic educator, maintaining positive connections with kids is exponentially more difficult in our high-tech, information overload era. The good news? It does not have to be this hard. Small changes in critical thoughts and actions make a HUGE difference. Trust our Got Kids coaches to provide you a forum for sharing your struggles and guide you to success. We Got You!

“Got Kids?” Playbook

  • “They never taught this in school! ”: Creating an environment for learning.
  • “Bordering a breakdown.”: Staycations in seconds.
  • “Why are they constantly testing us?”: Benefits of raising the bar.
  • “Learning or misbehaving?”: That is the question.
  • “I want it NOW”: Meeting demands with diplomacy.
  • “I hate you!”: Learning to express our feelings and needs.
  • “He hit me first”: Ownership in conflict.
  • “Creating calm out of chaos”: 4 steps to turn conflict into connection.
  • “Armistice after Armageddon”: Strategies for peace following the storm.
  • “Chores Wars”: How to end them
  • “Safe Haven”: Importance of kids feeling safe confiding in you.
  • “Household Rules”: Why “tools” work better.

What You Will Enjoy

  • Connector.

    Monthly live 1 hour audio calls led by your coaches

  • Connector.

    Access to call recordings to listen to at your convenience

  • Connector.

    Private facebook group for community and engagement as you hone your skills

  • Connector.

    Weekly text check-ins from your coaches to assist you in staying on track

  • Connector.

    Decades of experience in helping you focus on the critical steps to master your game

  • Connector.

    Professional education and coaching at a greatly discounted cost

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