Common Cent$

“You bought what?”

Differences in money management are the number one reason for conflict in couples – outscoring sex, chores and snores. The Good News? Finance coaches can assure you beat the stats and play on the same winning team. Invest today in your financial harmony.

Common Cent$ Playbook

  • Olympics of finance. The Daily Burn. Success through small determined steps.
  • Crushin on the IRS: Savings through Tax Refunds? YES!!
  • Out Report Your Credit Report: What they know, what you need to know.
  • Dancing with the Stars of Debt: Student loans, credit cards, major purchases.
  • Little Miss Piggy Bank turns Thirty: Jump start your savings on a limited budget.
  • Rock a bye Baby: Finances of Child Rearing.
  • Home Sweet Home: Major purchases on limited budgets.
  • Hermit the Fraud: Preventing identity theft.
  • Covering your Assets!: Protecting what matters most.
  • Parenting Parents: Common costs of senior care.
  • Debt free Holidays: Means to prevent overspending.
  • Rainy Day Ready: Preparing for the routinely occurring unexpected.

What You Will Enjoy

  • Connector.

    Monthly live 1 hour audio calls led by your coaches

  • Connector.

    Access to call recordings to listen to at your convenience

  • Connector.

    Private facebook group for community and engagement as you hone your skills

  • Connector.

    Weekly text check-ins from your coaches to assist you in staying on track

  • Connector.

    Decades of experience in helping you focus on the critical steps to master your game

  • Connector.

    Professional education and coaching at a greatly discounted cost

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