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“Common Cent$”

“You bought what?” Differences in money management are the number one reason for conflict in couples – outscoring sex, chores and snores. The Good News? Finance coaches can assure you beat the stats and play on the same winning team. Invest today in your financial harmony.

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“Cool, Calm, Connected”

Kids running wild on digital freeways? Know you ought to do more but clueless where to begin? Good news - modern technology can strengthen your bond with kids when you know the techniques for learning with them. Make this the year you replace clueless with Cool, Calm and Connected!

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“Getting to Done”

To-do list growing? Overwhelmed? At the end of the day, you know you’ve worked hard but do you find yourself frustrated because you didn’t make a dent in your to-do list? Don’t get discouraged; help is here.

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“Got Kids?”

Are hollers and frowns outnumbering smiles and compliments lately? Whether you are a parent, primary caregiver, sports coach, or academic educator, maintaining positive connections with kids is exponentially more difficult in our high-tech, information overload era. The good news? It does not have to be this hard. Small changes in critical thoughts and actions make a HUGE difference. Trust our Got Kids coaches to provide you a forum for sharing your struggles and guide you to success. We Got You! .

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A Contact Sport”

Finding your Soul Mate / Life Partner in today’s fast paced world is a precious gift. Unfortunately, many couples are working through 21st century challenges with outdated skills - and frustrated with each other when problems repeat. The Good News? Small changes in communications skills used daily delivers enormous benefits over a Lifetime. Don’t wait for crises. Embrace the wisdom of compassionate third party coaching today by registering in Relationship: A Contact Sport.

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“The Diversity CommUNITY”

Are you responsible for leading a team, workforce, or community with a high level of diversity? Want to be more competent, connected and comfortable when addressing topics of diversity? The Diversity CommUnity gives you a platform for discussing daily challenges and proven strategies for elevating group pride and cohesiveness. Enjoy the benefits diversity skills deliver. Join us today!

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