Common Cent$

“Entitled”, “spoiled”, “no common sense”…

Sound familiar? Be the change!

Transition from name calling to educating with our Common Cent$ curriculum. Our 12 monthly micro-strategies will give you the essentials for helping your kids enjoy earning and managing their money – and a lifetime of returns on your investment!

Common Cent$ Playbook

  • May: Breaking the Taboo of Money
  • June: Emotions of Money: Taking action and making meaningful change
  • July: GPS- What is your starting point?
  • August: Bye, Bye Piggy-Putting joy back into money
  • September: I Want, I Want, I Want: there is no credit card fairy
  • October: How you get what you want: empower your kids to do the same
  • November: No to Allowance and Yes to Earning Money
  • December: Money, Money, Money: Live the best within your means
  • January: The Debt Merry-go-round: Time to get off the ride
  • February: Potholes Ahead: Plan for the certainty of uncertainty
  • March: The Magic of Compounding Interest
  • April: Get a Job! Putting your money to work

What You Will Enjoy

  • Connector.

    Monthly live 1 hour audio calls led by your coaches

  • Connector.

    Access to call recordings to listen to at your convenience

  • Connector.

    Private facebook group for community and engagement as you hone your skills

  • Connector.

    Weekly text check-ins from your coaches to assist you in staying on track

  • Connector.

    Decades of experience in helping you focus on the critical steps to master your game

  • Connector.

    Professional education and coaching at a greatly discounted cost

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