Marlaine Cover, MPA – “Going, Going, Green”

Marlaine is the Creator of The Life Skills Report Card, Best Selling Author, Certified Green Coach, and Founder of the international consciousness movement Parenting 2.0. Passionate nurturing a more dynamic and compassionate Life Skills educational process for all persons, she is particularly inspired supporting young parents in accessing information essential for providing the safest possible environment for their growing children.

Tshaka Armstrong – “Cool, Calm, Connected”

Tshaka Armstrong is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Shepherds, a non-profit organization that teaches parents, children and educators digital literacy skills essential for success in the twenty-first century. A reviewer on technology and diversity in media for Rotten Tomatoes and FOX11 in Los Angeles on, Tshaka is also a board member of one of Los Angeles’ most innovative children’s technology organizations, L.A. Makerspace.

Maria Cacciola – “Common Cent$”

Maria is the Vice President of Business Solutions for Life Solutions Group – responsible for leading a team of specialists who work with business owners, CPA’s and CFO’s to examine operations and financials to uncover lost capital. Her expertise in operations and in success as a business leader comes from her 30 year success as a business leader running credit unions and helping business owners solve complex problems for their companies and families.

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Jason Dunford, HSC, OGW – “Going, Going, Green”

Jason is Co-Founder and President of Safigen, an energy services company that helps businesses reduce their climate footprint. He is also the host of the human interest talk show J-Talk. Jason holds two degrees from Stanford (BA and MS) and is working through his third (MBA). Previously he was an international swimmer and represented Kenya in two Olympics, and was also selected as flag-bearer in the 2012 opening ceremony. Jason is passionate about growing the environmental sustainability movement and coaching others on how to achieve their full potential.

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Rick Hendricks, MA, LMFT – “Relationship: A Contact Sport”

Rick has extensive experience in practicing and teaching effective communication skills and tools creating true intimate relationships. He has passionately honed his skills in his years providing Couples Therapy in private practice and currently as a Couples and Family Therapist for combat veterans and their families with the VA Readjustment Counseling Services. Further he is teaching graduate-level counseling students in MFT Basic Skills, Couples Therapy and treating Combat Stress and Trauma. Additionally, Rick has provided Family Therapy in community mental health performing intensive in-home family therapy with at-risk teens and their families as well as the Director of an Employee Assistance Program with firefighters and their families. He is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major with the Chaplain Corps with over 27 years of service. Rick is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and has served in numerous leadership positions and Boards of Directors from a Congregational President to a School Board President to the President for the Massachusetts Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has 5 children (3 bio, 2 step) and 9 grandchildren and lives with 4 generations under the same roof making communication and relationship skills absolutely necessary.

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Kevin Henry – “The Diversity CommUnity”

Kevin has over 30 years of media experience, producing educational programs related to culture, diversity, and red-hot social issues. As Diversity Coordinator for the City of Bellevue, WA from 1994-2015, Kevin regularly coordinated and facilitated community forums and workplace trainings focusing on community engagement, cultural competence, and race and social justice issues. In addition, he wrote for numerous publications and hosted radio programs devoted to exploring issues related to diversity, while providing a platform for voices often ignored by the mainstream media. He currently lives on Oahu.

Starla Lewis – “The Diversity CommUnity”

Starla Lewis’ is an expert in the arena of Women and Ethnic Studies and CEO of C.E.L.L. consultancy firm. A two-time recipient of the “Bob Marley Peace” award, seven-time recipient of the Mesa College “Teacher of the Year” and one of KPBS’ Local Heroes, Starla is passionate empowering all persons with the skills essential for expressing themselves – and respecting one another – as brilliant, powerful, limitless, love.

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Sherlyn Pang Luedtke – “Getting to Done”

Sherlyn is a Best Selling Author and the Founder of Her core focus is replacing stress and punishments with play and planning to create empowered families. Her book, The Mommy Advantage: How Having Kids Can Make You Happier, Healthier and Wealthier, reveals how to use personal development techniques to transform the challenges of parenthood into growth and fulfillment.

Dr. Tiffanie Noonan – “Got Kids?”

Tiffanie is a Pediatrician, certified Parenting Coach, and founder of EPIC Parenting. As an advocate for empowering children with a strong sense of self-worth, internal motivation, and empathy, Dr. Noonan speaks and writes extensively to share her message as well as serve as Board Secretary for Parenting 2.0’s educational non-profit, The Global Presence. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and 2 sons.

Jonathan J. Pratt, CLF – “Common Cent$”

Jonathan is the founder of both Life Solutions Group and Benefactor Solutions. Life Solutions Group opened operations December of 2010 as an independent advisory firm and now has launched Benefactor Solutions to enhance the delivery of advice through a blended approach of high tech and high touch real-time advice to business owners, HR professionals and all employees.

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Dr. Joanne Orlando – “Cool, Calm, Connected”

Joanne is Australia’s most well-known child-technology expert. She provides solutions on how to guide children to use technology to help them to learn, to build positive relationships, and to ensure technology is a positive part of their lives. A regular TV and radio presenter, she advises to industry (Apple, Google), education systems, and works with families. Joanne conducts her own research with children and families to make sure her information is always up to date and that her solutions work!

Erika Stroh, MA – “Relationship – A Contact Sport”

Erika is the Founding Director and CEO of Parent From The Heart Inc. She is a Licensed NYS Teacher, Parent/Family Coach, Relationship Counselor and Educational Consultant. She is also a happily married mother of two teens, living on Long Island, practicing the same principles she teaches, with her own family. Parent From The Heart, Inc. offers coaching, counseling and consulting services. Erika works with individuals, couples, families, educators and child care professionals. She teaches and promotes active listening, communication and problem-solving skills, conscious and compassionate parenting, social/emotional intelligence and the development of healthy family relationships.

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Donna Volpitta, Ed.D. – “Got Kids?”

Donna co-author of the book “The Resilience Formula: A Guide to proactive– Not Reactive-Parenting” and creator of the Resilient Mindset Model, and co-creator of the Nametags Education Program. She holds Board positions for One Revolution Foundation ( and Kids Helping Kids (, both of which develop resilience in youth. She is an expert contributor for and presents at workshops throughout the country.

Mitzi Weinman – “Getting to Done”

Mitzi is Founder of TimeFinder and author of It’s About Time! Transforming Chaos into Calm, A to Z. As a coach, workshop leader, professional speaker, she provides practical approaches to personal productivity – reducing the stress of procrastination and overwhelm. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and lives in Needham, MA with her husband, son and dog.